A multitude in Hell: The Case for ”Globality”

The northeast face of Two World Trade Center (south tower) after being struck by plane in the south face. Image is a cropped version of File:UA Flight 175 hits WTC south tower 9-11

Two nights ago I had a dream. I dreamed of a multitude; I dreamed of the multitude. This multitude, these people, were like pieces of glass blown up high in the sky, each one of them constituting, reflecting as it were the image past of an organized whole: the tower of human endeavor rising up… Continue reading A multitude in Hell: The Case for ”Globality”

Secular vs. Sacred, Popular vs. Cultist

The seven churches viewed from the balcony of the Estonian National Library in Tallinn (Estonia)

The line between secular and sacred, popular and cultist (at times called classical) in music are diffuse the best of times. Certainly those who take this creative skill seriously, who may have the talent or enjoy the luxury to dedicate their lives to it, know better: none of us I guess would speak of inspiration… Continue reading Secular vs. Sacred, Popular vs. Cultist

Apocalypse as Limit of Signification

Bamberg Apocalypse - Dragon Pursuing Woman In Wilderness (Commons)

The Apocalypse is the limit of signification. For the western mind there can be no beyond it, no possible emotional commitment can be found in anything but the twin Janus faces of the apocalypse: revelation or destruction; the one looking ahead, the other drowning all possible futures in the abyss. Ours is a culture that… Continue reading Apocalypse as Limit of Signification